A Boludo Abroad: The Adventures of Pablo Migliore


Pensive Pablo

Former San Lorenzo goalkeeper Pablo Migliore, following a brief spell in prison for aiding and abetting an alleged murderer, is beginning a new chapter of his life in Croatia with Dinamo Zagreb.  In a Mala Leche EXCLUSIVE, Migliore reveals all…

“Hola amigos, as you may well know life has been a bit of, how you say, Russian mountain of late.  But now I’m here to set the record straight and provide an insight into my new life in Europa.

How I manage to get off the hook I hear you ask? Well, other than my 100% innocence, let’s just say a little bit of divine intervention 😉 Is fitting after 40 days and 40 nights no? Ey that remind me, I must remember to visit Papa Frankie at some point…

Also, I tell police that if they want me for more questioning, I come back straight away. And he believe me! Jajaja!

But my problems do not end when I leave jail.  As soon as i leave my ‘temporary accomodation’, Lammens & Tinelli bundle me into a car, a Renault Twingo with leopard print interior, and say to me that there is more chance that Funes Mori finish top escorer than for me to return to San Lorenzo 😦

Anyway, is a huge relief for to be here in Croatia. Ever since I was a little kid, has been my dream to play for Dinamo Sagrev. It’s just so refreshing to play for a huge European club, with chance that I might participate in the Shempions League, and for once not to have the pressure of a militant, violent hooligan group associated with the club…

Having Luisito [Ibañez] here is a massive help in adapting to new culture and language and I’ve moved into his place while I find my feet.  I think I do ok so far. I haven’t even harboured any criminals yet! Jajaja! Too soon? But seriously, I haven’t. Ever.  😉

Everyone at the club has been friendly so far. Training has been tough but enjoyable.  Señor Jurcic say to me that he hope I didn’t drop soap in jail as much as I drop ball in practice. I do not understand but laugh anyway jajajaja.

I do miss Buenos Aires however.  Before I leave I organise leaving party to say goodbye to the guys. Unfortunately only Denis Stracqualursi turned up and presented me with a lock of Julio Buffarini’s hair. I give him a sugar lump (his favourite!) and off he trot. Strange man.

*Phone rings*

Anyway, that is all for now. I write again soon amigos. Chau, un beso!

*Picking up phone “Che, Maxi, que haces loco…”*