Mala Leche – roughly translating as ‘bad blood’ in Spanish – is a blog mainly focusing on Argentinian and South American football, with the occasional delve into other areas of the footballing world and beyond.

As part of my third year abroad at university I lived in Buenos Aires for six months which, on top of previous travelling around the continent, cemented my love for fútbol argentino.  The rich footballing history from this region has made an indelible mark on the global game and has produced some of the biggest stars ever to have played the sport, while the thirst & passion of the fans are unrivaled.

After writing blogs during the final year of my studies, I decided it would probably be useful to have all my witterings in one place so this will serve as a kind of rudimentary directory for my pieces.  Many have been featured on other sites, initially Lovely Left Foot and In Our Humble Opinion but also on the likes of In Bed With Maradona, Inside Futbol, and A Football Report and more recently on Back Page Football and Outside of the Boot.

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